We, as ICF Finland members, need to know and apply these terms of the usage of ICF Logo & Credential Logos (ACC, PCC, MCC).

RULE: Logos belong only to the coach.

  • ICF members (in good standing = active membership) use ICF Logo.
  • ICF credentialed Coaches who are not ICF members can use ONLY credential Logo.
  • If you are an ICF member and a credentialed coach you can use BOTH logos.


  • Coaches that are graduates from an ICF accredited program and are not members CANNOT use ICF Logo
  • Regarding companies, if the company is in the name of the coach and the coach is the only person in this company it CAN be used on the Facebook page and website of this company. Example of a coach who runs their business as a company: Jane Smith runs a coaching company called IGNITE.
  • If the coaching company is not in the name of the coach, i.e. is not Jane Smith Company, but is called IGNITE COACHING, and the coach is the only person in this organization, the logo CANNOT be used on the company Facebook page or website. It CAN only be used in the section describing the coach in his or her personal profile.


RULE: The logos belong only to the coach. Regarding usage of Logos in Email Signature

  • Logo can be used if ONLY if you are an ICF member.
  • If you are a Credentialed coach and not an ICF member, you CANNOT use ICF logo you can only use the credential logo.
  • If you hold a credential and are an ICF member, you can use both logos.ICF coaches who have only accomplished an accredited program can state this as fact via text. (i.e. I have graduated from and ICF accredited program (ACTP, ACSTH, CCE), etc.) If the person has no other affiliation to ICF they cannot call themselves an ICF Coach, ICF Credential-holder, or ICF Member.


  • If a coach is running a workshop, a programme or a retreat, even if he or she is an ICF member, he or she cannot use the logo on any promotional material, like a flyer. But, he or she can use the logo next to their name and when describing who is the Coach. This applies to both the ICF logo and Credential logo, because these logos specify the level of your skills and not the content of the program.
  • If the workshop/program/retreat was accredited by ICF (CCE, ACTP, ACSTH), the programme’s logo can be used on the flyer or any other promotional material.TV:
  • If someone graduates from an accredited program, but are not members, they cannot relate themselves to ICF in anyway. They can only mention that they completed an ICF accredited program.
  • They can talk about ICF but they cannot relate their names to ICF or represent themselves as ICF Coaches. They can only talk about the ICF standard they learned in the Coaching program.
  • If they are members they can use the logo on TV next to their names and can mention they are ICF Coaches.