THE IMPACT OF EXECUTIVE COACHING with Jonathan Passmore, Director of The Henley Centre for Coaching at Henley Business School


Organiser: International Coach Federation, ICF Finland (CCE points = 1) 
Partners: Henley Business School and KPMG 

Leading is people business. Tomorrow’s leaders are increasingly dealing with uncertainty and rapid change which requires strong emotional leadership qualities including self-awareness, empathy, motivation and social skills. In this event, we will discuss how coaching can help you to lead successfully and drive the performance of teams and organisations. 

Join us for this breakfast event to discuss the evidence-based impact of coaching and to elaborate on the renewed ICF core competences of coaching. 

Date: 10.1.2020 
Time: 8:00 to 11:30  

  • Breakfast is served from 8:00  
  • The Program starts at 8:30
  • Mix, mingle and networking 11.00-11.30 

Venue: KPMG, Töölönlahdenkatu 3 A, 00101 Helsinki 

Register yourself at the following link, latest on the 20 of December. 
Be quick, save your seat – limited seats available! Your registration will be confirmed by email. 


Welcome and opening by Heli Backman, President of the International Coach Federation, Finland 

Future of 2020; What path do you take?
– Based on KPMG CEO and HR surveys by Minna Tuominen-Thuesen, Partner, KPMG 

  • A successful CEO is an agile CEO. One of the most compelling findings in KPMG’s 2019 Global CEO Outlook is that over two-thirds of chief executive officers believe that agility is the new currency of business. If they fail to adapt to a constantly changing world, their business will become irrelevant. HR Executives are similarly concerned about irrelevance. A finding from KPMG’s Future of HR 2020 survey — in which over 1,300 HR executives from across the globe participated —3 in 5 HR leaders believe that the HR function will rapidly become irrelevant if it doesn’t modernize its approach to understanding and planning for the future needs of the workforce. 

Importance of coaching for senior leaders and executives
– Latest evidence of the impact by Professor Jonathan Passmore, Director of The Henley Centre for Coaching at Henley Business School 

Jonathan will review the latest research and thinking in coaching and cover questions such as:  

  • Does coaching really offer individuals and organisations an advantage? 
  •  What does good coaching look like? 

Drawing on the evidence, Jonathan will encore delegates to think critically about their organisational practices and focus on adopting an evidence-based approach to driving the performance of executive leaders and teams. 

In addition, Jonathan will go through the renewed Core Competences of the International Coach Federation. He’ll outline why they are changing and what this exactly means for ICF coaches and their clients. 

How the C-suite in Finland experiences and regulates emotions in turbulent times by Annu Matula, Managing Director of Henley Business School Finland 

  • Annu will be presenting the results of her research where she interviewed C-suite  executives in Finland about how they are experiencing and regulating their emotions, and talk about the importance of emotional awareness for leaders. 


The event will be partially recorded and the recordings and possible still pictures of the event may be used both internally and externally on website and in LinkedIn by the ICF Finland, as the event organizer and its partners (i.e. KPMG and Henley Business School). You might appear on the recordings and pictures. By registering to the event, you inform that you acknowledge our disclaimer concerning the usage of the video and pictures, and you give your consent to ICF Finland, KPMG and Henley Business School Finland to use them for commercial and marketing purposes. 

Furthermore, given that the event is hosted by the KPMG, you give your consent for the ICF Finland / Henley Business School to hand over your sign up information to the KPMG for the sole purposes of arranging the event. 

Please contact / for any questions or concerns.  

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